Shiva Shakti​

School of Yoga The Foundations of a Fluid Practice

Harnessing Power and Refining Light

Discover your soul path & become a warrior of light.

For more information concerning this rich programme consult the ShivaShakti site & contact Charlotte directly…

Why Shiva Shakti

ShivaShakti – Foundations of a Fluid Practice

This is a journey, a personal voyage through your body, your preconceived ideas, your deeper feelings. This is a journey within to feel your heart beat aligning with the beating heart of the earth.  This is YOUR journey towards harmony

To sense your journey & feel your body, to light your light, to stand in your own presence, to find your voice & shine. To take ancient practices & bring them into a modern, relevant context. To work with the elements, energetic flow of the body, mantras, the Doshas and ancient texts. To bring all of this together physically, mentally and spiritually.

By way of a small warning this teacher training is not a physical gymnastic journey. It opens doors to self questioning, it allows you to find your inner voice and light and follow it. We work with asanas, meditation, breath work, yoga philosophy and self-enquiry brining the ancient to modern. This is your path to awakening the Shakti & using this sacred and powerful energy to transform your practice, teaching & lifestyle.

200 Hours Teacher Training

Foundations of a Fluid Practice – Harnessing Power and Refining LightYou are looking to become a yoga teacher and have a healthy practice and/or are looking to deepen your own practice – the 200 hour ShivaShakti teacher training course offers you a deep and varied foundations course. The training course is based on 7 weekends and a 3-4 day retreat with exam. Training for 2023/24The next 200 hour TTC starts in October 2023, 9 months each year from October to June & is based my personal experience of living Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. There are 7 weekends in Villedieu, Provence & a 5 day residential retreat to complete the training centred around the Shiva Shakti 6 point methodology. How to harness your inner power, create balance & filter your perfect light!

This is more than a teacher training course, this is holistic wellness. Perfect if you are a yoga teacher seeking a flow style or thinking of becoming a teacher, if you are missing something from your sessions & wish to add some authenticity & depth. Welcome

300 Hours & Teacher Training Modules

Teacher Training Modules

You have a certified Yoga teaching qualification (200 + hours), you are already teaching, or practice yoga regularly, the 300 hours training is based on the ShivaShakti 200 hour programme plus 100 hours of additional training. You can choose to do this on two retreats – Elements, Energies & Rituals, or Lunar Restore & Hormonal Rebalancing – or by choosing three online programmes – Earth School, Women’s Wellness & Wild Wolf Wisdom. 

These training modules are designed for yoga practitioners & yoga teachers and/or yogis with a sound experience & a desire to go deeper into their practise. They are offered as an immersion course to dive physically & mentally into body, mind and soul.

Dive deeply into the Shiva Shakti methodology. Dates and detailed information on these training modules can be found here 

New 100 Hour Teacher Training Online

For deepening your practice

100 Hour Flow Yoga Training with the ShivaShakti Method

100% Online Accredited Training January – December

  • Create fluid sessions in the ShivaShakti Flow style – the eternal search between physical, mental & spiritual harmony
  • Create lunar & solar sessions – exploring the space & framing your day
  • Prepare a principal posture & Create an ambiance & energy through language, music & posture choice
  • Integrate Elements, Energies, Chakras, Lunar Restore, Holistic Balance & more
  • Follow a precise methodology that will structure your yoga practice
  • For more information contact Charlotte

Face Yoga Training & Accreditations

Face Yoga Training

Charlotte now offers Face Yoga teacher training following the Danielle Collins method. Training is offered on a one-to-one or small group basis. For more details on how to train with her please visit this link

The International Yoga Alliance

This an international organisation that assists teachers, yoga studios and students in choosing a quality training programme that is then recognised Internationally. This allows you to register as an approved Yoga Alliance teacher, allows you to receive certificates even for additional training modules.


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