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Charlotte also hosts 25 & 50 hour teaching modules including a BRAND NEW 50 hour Flow (Vinyasa) Teaching module to learn the basics around the ShivaShakti Method & solar & lunar practice

For information consult the ShivaShakti site & contact Charlotte directly… 5 day, 50 hours certified  modules are organised to complement your training or deepen your yoga practice.

Here are the modules offered in 2022/23

12th – 16th Octobre 2022 Lunar Restore & hormonal rebalancing - rejuvenate body, mind & soul on this holistic journey

A five day retreat to to find the path towards inner physical wellness, towards a mental and spiritual calm. A 5 day journey that travels through slow flow and lunar style fluid yoga, hormone yoga & hormonal rebalancing inspired by Dinah Rodrigues, Yin & Face yoga & EFT techniques. A beautiful retreat in a perfect location to restore & re align. Take this break for your & nourish your soul with what it is looking for.

16th – 20th Novembre 2022 Doshic Alignment & Ayurvedic Wellness - journey through the circadian rhythm

A 5 day retreat to balance the body in natural & ancient ways. Ayurveda is the science & knowledge of life & in very practical ways looks at your natural make up - your Prakritti - and guides you to better, finer balance. We will explore the sun's natural movement- the circadien rhythm & it's effect on our body, our digestion & our Doshic state. We will use yoga, meditation & nutrition to create harmony. Conférences on the Ayurvedic theories will be given by Charlotte & Laila Politi who is also available for individual consultations. We will explore in detail how to integrate some of these alignment techniques in a yoga class. A deep exploration of self & a clearer understanding of others.

17th - 19th March, Renaissance et Renouveau, Bourgogne

A brand new retreat that links spiritual & yoga practices with practical crafts.....Renewal & Rebirth through opening up the creating channels & creating the space to rejuvenate physically and literally by up-cycling an old piece of furniture. You will journey through your creativity - and don't worry you are creative! - to manifest your journey in matter. As well as a little furniture restauration we will practice yoga, meditation, EFT techniques & more! More to follow.

22nd - 26th March 2023 Eléments, Chakras, Rituels, Bourgogne

A very special retreat uniting the celebration of the elements, the chakras & the inner energies - that visceral connection with Mother Earth - and the Goddess energies. Through yoga, rituals, meditation, forest bathing & more we will journey towards the feminine sacred & nourish the body, mind, spirit. 5 days to journey around the pillars of felinity ; Saraswati, Bhumi, Parvati, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Sita, Lalita….. Explore your strength, your softness, your power & your sensibility, your creativity & your abundance whilst interrelating the elements..... earth, water, fire, air, ether!

14th - 18th June 2023 Teacher Training 50 Hours of flow yoga Between Sky & Earth

To learn the basics of the flow ShivaShakti method, how to integrate Solar & Lunar elements into the yoga class & the structure of a 60, 75, 90 or more class? How to prepare a class with a specificities theme or Bhava (energy) & how to prepare a principle pose whilst staying in the flow.

Reservations are open

Contact me for more information on [email protected]m or Pure Experience Charlotte organises a variety of retreats in conjunction with Pure Experience and as part of her teacher training programmes. Retreats are a beautiful moments to rejoice in the true art of living yoga!

Retreats & Unique Experiences for 2022

Summer 2022 : 1st – 5th August For all women from 15 to à 99 years old !

Pure Expérience, Alexia Fachon & Charlotte have organised this very special Summer retreat. Explore the sacred feminine Féminin & dive into your own journey whilst tuning into your ancestral messages.This is your path, your journey, your manifestation and no-one else so make it special, make it count! Together we will explore & purify 

Full Moon Sacred Circles this Winter @ Val d’Isère

Four Full Moon yoga in the Yuhrt sessions are planned for the Winter season of 2023 when life finds it’s new path from January to April. They are held at Au Bout du Monde and pre-booking is essential with Charlotte (please text at : 0603106395) as there are only 12 places available. Rdv Manchet Valley Car Park at 18h45, start of the session at 19h15 in the Yuhrt. We finish at 20h45 and walk back in the light of the moon….. Rdv next Winter

Coaching & Online programmes

Earth School

For travellers & soul seeds searching for inner meaning & connection

Online learning for energetic alignment. From ancient teachings to real life connections.  Sacred practices, rituals, yoga & meditation in 9 modules. Grow from your roots, fly to your wings.

Women's Wellness

For inner & outer radiance & shine. For balance & holistic harmony.

This is a beautiful programme that you can enjoy at home or wherever you are - slow flood yoga, hormonal rebalancing, face yoga & meditation.

Group & Private Coaching

Charlotte offers coaching in Groups or in Individual format to align your needs & soul purpose

Charlotte offers Coaching to those who wish to go deeper in their personal practice.  To weave the thread of your soul with the practical aspects of life. Bespoke and individual training to help go deeper into your practice. These can be face to face or online & fully catered to your own personal needs and journey. You can book a free clarity call with Charlotte here & then we can see which path opens up for you. For more details on the Group Coaching & online programmes please see the link below & head towards the programmes offered

Charlotte’s Outlook….

Charlotte is an advocate of a fresh outlook to life and has chosen a lifestyle of sport, outdoor healthy living and eating and a very healthy dose of FUN! This is the yoga of LIFE!

Her yoga is fun, real, fluid, theme based, thoughtful & a mix of her prana flow, hatha, yin & ashtanga backgrounds. It combines her personal practices & beliefs and her method of teaching – ShivaShakti school of yoga, harnessing power & refining light.

Her yoga retreats & holidays are a moment to share, of true passions uniting with nature, of meeting people, of cleansing body & soul, of laughter….. These are times that Charlotte cherishes as they are always special & always uniquely memorable. Come and join her dive into this fresh and unique approach to your yoga practice …..

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