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If you feel out of balance with your life, out of balance with yourself, or just feel like you’re living in someone else’s shoes, it may be time to take charge.

Group Coaching

Sometimes in life we ​​lose our direction. The imbalance sets in and the stress too because we try despite everything to be the person we have always been or the person that everyone wants from us. The result, you are lost because you are living in someone else’s shoes. If you are looking for more integration, confidence, clarity, small group coaching sessions may be very suitable for you.

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs : Personal & Professional Alignment

Does this sound like you?

Times are pretty tough and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. The internet is also a crowded place with "experts" at every click. Charlotte is a self named Corporate Witch or a Spiritual Entrepreneur who consciously works with your lig committed to finding the shine in each person and the aligned professional & personal direction right for you!

Charlotte has taken a healthy dose of life experience & many physical & emotional battles to create this holistic approach to your inner & outer wellness, to your body, mind & spirit experience of wellness. This is your opportunity to start living the life you wish to live & fulfill you sacred contract.

Charlotte truly believes it is your birth right to live to your full potential & honour your sacred contract on this earth. You are here for a reason & the time is now to realise your vision. Charlotte is committed to help you radiate your sovereignty, stand in your truth & make your dreams a reality.

It is time to be YOU!

What path to take?

Charlotte has created a variety of Pathways to Wellness. These are programmes, coachings, retreats, online guidance that allow you to choose the right holistic path for your health & harmony.

Finding our own balance is key. We are each of us unique. Charlotte has created these programmes through the yoga & meditation trainings she has received, through her own life experiences, through motherhood, her passion for ecological, natural living & a healthy influence of intuitive guidance.

There have been created to guide you along your holistic path to shine.

Accredited Teacher Training
Holistic Health & Wellness
Coaching - Individual & Group
Face Yoga Classes & Training
Online Programmes & Coaching
Retreats & Workshops
Festivals & Happenings
Wild Wolf Wisdom

a pathway that comes from my heart & has taken 9 modules to manifest. It is a path to simple, authentic living through yoga, meditation, rituals & oils. We will co-create visceral connections to the voices of nature, to the five elements, to your sacred contract on this earth plane. Charlotte offers you a pathway back home to you, a way of keeping one hand in society but the heart in the Divine.
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a pathway to hormonal balance, inner shine, outer radiance & confidence. Charlotte offers this beautiful journey towards your inner sanctuary – you are the mistress of your own body, mind & spirit health. You can enjoy a full programme of yoga, relaxation, face yoga, meditation & breath work.  This is the pathway to hormonal harmony and natural, vital living.
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a pathway to cultivating your power & filtering your light. Charlotte’s teacher training school offers a variety of programmes to dive deeply for a short time or for longer periods into a more profound yoga & energetic experience. 50, 200 & 300 hours of accredited training by the International Yoga Alliance & the ShivaShakti school – it is just up to you to choose the pathway for right now.
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a pathway to personalised wellness & alignment. Small group structures or private coaching sessions to realign your life with your values. Stress comes when you are trying to be who you are not. It weakens your immune system, affects your sleep, your digestion, your wellness. Charlotte offers these coaching sessions as a way of getting back into alignment with your life direction. Find out more about group & personal coaching below & book your free clarity call by contacting Charlotte
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Charlotte is trained in the Daneille Collins method but has added her own personal touch to the simple but deeply effective technique. She offers monthly 10 day live face yoga sessions, training programmes & a rich but very practical online programme

This is journey to the land of your wisdom keepers, a journey towards spiritual and physical alignment to keep the magic alive & the body vibrant.  Listening to the wisdom keepers whispers & the wise words of the ancient wolf that speaks to you as you walk in the woods or journey (even if in your mind or dreams) to distant lands. Spiritual & physical alignment for women of all ages – to keep the ancestral wisdom alive & the magic within. Let our ancestors speak volumes to our soul & realign with the path.

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Meet your instructor

Charlotte Saint Jean

Charlotte Saint Jean is a creative soul & can be found somewhere between corporate entrepreneur & witch. She is a passionate yogini who has created a series of online holistic courses, teacher trainings & retreat programmes for you to stand in your sovereignty.

Charlotte is a dynamic teacher, lover of life, nature & harmonious living. She has helped hundreds of women to find their true essence & shine to their full potential. Her offerings are guided by her soul’s calling, her passion for women’s wellness, her desire to nurture your individual and unique talents, because she believes in you & your holistic journey towards health.


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This is your journey towards connection, alignment & harmony – Charlotte provides insight, guidance and tools to connect back to Self & find balance even in the face of challenge. It is about coming back to what is essential, authentic, YOU!

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