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It's time to put your skin back and regain your sovereignty

Sometimes in life we ​​lose our direction. The imbalance sets in and the stress too because we try despite everything to be the person we have always been or the person that everyone wants from us. The result, you are lost because you are living in someone else’s shoes. If you are looking for more integration, confidence, clarity, if you are simply looking to put your own skin back together, small group coaching sessions may be very suitable for you.

To shine more, to find your vitality, sometimes we need a little guidance

Find your direction, your alignment, your path to wellness & harmony

Group coaching is ideal as a pot of support and ideas, to make you feel less alone in your “differences” and to celebrate your qualities. Together we will align you with who you are. In 3 month increments we work with one theme per month which acts as guidance for everyone even if we take into account everyone’s needs. In this micro community we will travel together to put you back in your shoes and shine your light more.

As of 2024 Group Coaching becomes Spirited – a coaching hub marrying you spiritual life with your business  & entrepreneurial energy!

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