Yoga mats, oils & Materials

A beautiful range of products Selected by Charlotte supplied by Bhalf Moon. Mats, Accessories, Crystals, Oils

b, Mat Strong

6mm Mat in 4 different colours

b, Mat Everyday

4mm Mat in 4 colours

b, mat cork

Beautiful eco mat in Cork

Raw Crystal

For centring and alignment raw crystals available in several stone types

Align Roll-on Oil

For realigning with what is essential, Self

Align Roll-on Oil

For realigning with what is essential, Self

b, halfmoonBuckled Stretch Strap

2.4 metres strap to help in certain yoga poses. Available in 2 colours

b, halfmoon Cork Block

10cm Block to help with your practice in Cork

Pitta Roll-on Oil

Ideal for calming the fires & centring

Linen Meditation Cushion

Perfect for your daily time out

b, halfmoon Foam Block

10cm Block in Foam available in 2 colours

Palm Crystals

Available in 7 stones to suit your needs

Ground Oil

Ground oil in Roll-on form also available in diffuser version

Inspire Roll-on Oil

To light up your day & create inspirational vision

Organic Cotton Loop Strap

Simple & easy to use organic cotton loop strap

Alpaca Throw Blanket

Beautiful to wear or throw down to sit on

B Delux Studio Mat

Perfect for those teachers and studio owners

b, halfmoon Cotton Bolster

Cotton Restorative Bolster ideal for Yin, Nidra & Relaxation practice

Vata Roll on Oil

Ideal for grounding & calming

Sphere Crystal Small

Available in several stone types & ideal for an alter

Kapha Roll on Oil

Ideal for encouraging mouvement & energy

Practice Blanket

A beautiful thick blanket for your yoga practice

Glow Roll on Oil

To shine & radiate your inner light to the world

Gripster Mat or Towel

To place over your studio yoga mat

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