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Where Unicorns exist
& we dance with the dragonfly

This is my story...

Why a dragonfly?

because they are beautiful delicate creatures but if you try and trap them their tails flip over and bite you.... and that is me!

 “In ancient lands they tell stories of shapeshifting women & of the Selkie tribe, seal women who shed their skin to dance in the light of the moon & then put them back on to swim off into the deep seas. It tells of a Selkie whose skin gets stolen and despite her trying to fit into her new skin she never could and she lost her colour, her sparkle & her zest for life. My yoga story started at a time when I had lost myself, my skin, in world of stress, success, expectation & city living. I dived deeply into the hard core style of Ashtanga Yoga in the back room of a London gym fighting to find me! But as my yoga journey progressed so life shifted & turned. As the fluid styles & holistic methods filtered into my world, I shape shifted. My skin literally changed & radiated something from within. Channelling this divine light became my path of service. I hope to share some of that with you in the mountains, cities, wherever life chooses to take us.”

Cultivate Your Strength & Filter Your Light

Mum of 2 daughters, partner to a wonderful man, founder of the Training School ShivaShakti, multiple online programs on earthschool & the virtual studio YogaChezMoi, creator of festivals, author of two books, yoga & wellness coach & ex yoga coach on the television channel France 2, Charlotte Saint Jean is most importantly a guardian of light. Yoga traced a path on the inner landscape of Charlotte’s life more than 20 years ago. She teaches a unique style of yoga that she now calls ShivaShakti flow – the search of balance & harmony, that integrate the varied trainings, yoga styles & life experiences she has been fortunate to have. She has faced many difficult life challenges & used them as an auspicious opportunity to evolve. She has chosen to transmit positivity and courage though her live classes and online offerings. Everything comes from her soul’s calling & her passion for women’s wellness & holistic health. You can also discover her three books, her articles in Happinez magazine and her wonderful mantra album, a collaboration with Julien Levy!

My Classes

“I have learnt that yoga is a tool that allows your body grow mentally, physically and spiritually throughout life’s phases. It assists us in capturing our light and letting it shine the brightest it can for our own wellbeing. It allows us to dive into our sovereignty & find sanctuary in the silence and beauty within.”

Charlotte offers her unique style ShivaShakti Flow which combines life experiences, channeled energy and the various trainings she has had the good fortune to receive. You can enjoy private classes, workshops, virtual programs and accredited training program so you can become a teacher yourself.

All of her teachers have inspired me over the years – the traditional Hatha Yoga school of Sivananda, Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson, Shiva Rea opened It is a very special door with her Prana Flow school. Elena Brower (Hatha), Rod Stryker (Para Yoga), Sarah Powers (Yin), Dinah Rodrigues (Hormone Yoga) & Danielle Collins via Julia Anastasiou (Face Yoga) have graced my life over the past 2 decades.. Feel free to discover my classes and training in the “shop page” or by simply contacting me. Listen to yourself and choose wisely… be ready to harness you power, stability, and light.

In love & light … Charlotte Saint Jean

Charlotte's Offerings

Charlotte has created a variety of Pathways to Wellness. These are programmes, coachings, retreats, online guidance that allow you to choose the right holistic path for your health & harmony.

Finding balance is key & we are each of us unique. Charlotte has created these programmes through the yoga & meditation trainings she has received, through her own life experiences, through motherhood, her passion for ecological, natural living & a healthy influence of intuitive guidance.

pathways & programmes towards authentic, simple, connected living and sovereign power. Chakras, elements, energies & rituals holding one hand firmly in society but the heart in the Divine.
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a pathway to hormonal balance, inner shine, outer radiance, confidence & strength. Charlotte offers this beautiful journey towards your inner sanctuary – you are the mistress of your own body, mind & spirit health. A  pathway to hormonal harmony and natural, vital living through yoga, meditation, Face yoga, EFT & more….
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A teacher training school with 50, 200 and 300 hours accredited programmes (International Yoga Alliance). 

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Coaching & private guidance to help you find your path, your sovereignty & the best version of you possible. Find your Dharma on this earth plane with holistic coaching. Compassionate communication & pathways back to the well of your own inner wisdom. Group sessions that run from October to March. Individual alignement sessions that can start when you are ready as a one off session or a month + programme. Learn more about the VIP Coaching groups here
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Charlotte has written 2 yoga books in French and a collection of poetry Resilience texts for inspiration in challenging times. 


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